Diva's Lament

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Comic song for high Soprano and Piano.

Words by Jaqueline Froom

For the more mature soprano with a passable "top C".  However, the tessitura is for the middle voice where the words can be communicated most clearly.

As the piece was premièred in 1995, the 400th anniversary of Henry Purcell's death, the work contains Purcellian elements such as the ground bass introduction and the double dotted sequence quoted below.  Diva's Lament is an obvious take on Dido's lament from Dido and Aeneas.

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This song was written for Soprano, Carol Caplan as part of the fund raising activities for Summer Music Summer School.  Jaqui Froom had offered a poem as a tombola prize and Carol suggested as a subject the perennial problem that Soprano roles are generally (very) young women and the lack of roles for more mature Sopranos.  The lyric was then set to music by Betty Roe and continues to be one of her best selling and most popular songs.

I'm a Mimi who's over the hill,
My Butterfly's faded,
My Gilda is jaded
Pamina? She's been through the mill.