Life is full of other people


Betty Roe

Words by:

 John Turner

Date of composition:

 Various - collected and published 1988


 Thames Publishing


 Medium voice, Piano


 around 3' each

Vocal Range(s):

 c to e'


 Humorous songs

1. Wartime Child - This rather poignant song is a recollection of being sent to nap in the afternoons as a child and imagining faces in the patterns on the curtains.Life is Full of Other People (cover)

2. The Well-established firm - on the benefits of maturity.

3. A little fiver - With the reference to the Duke of Wellington, this song is a little dated.  However, it should be possible to update the line to incorporate the latest incumbent (Elizabeth Fry/Winston Churchill).  The song succinctly covers the life of the £5 note from issue to the shredder.

4. I've seen 'em all, dears - An old trooper describes the different types of audiences and audience members she has performed to and regrets being told to give up performing.

5. Chit-chat - A song about gossip.  Also in the mini-revue Pubs are People Places

6. Gremlins - Who moved the kerbstone so you fell? Who spilt your cup of tea? Who took the ring from the front door bell? It's me!

7. Visitor's London - A visitor to London wanted to see the sights but got stuck on the tube.