Madam's Three Callers



Betty Roe

Words by:

  1. Madam and the Census Man - Langston Hughes
  2. Madam and the Minister - Langston Hughes
  3. Madam and the Wrong Visitor - Langston Hughes

Date of composition:



 Thames Publishing TH978056


 Soprano and Cello



Vocal Range(s):



 Humorous, Cabaret, America

Following the popularity of Madam and the Minister for Soprano and Double Bass in Jazz Songs, Roe arrange the song for Voice and Cello with two new songs.

Madam and The Census Man

The Census man refuses to accept that Madam's middle name is just "K".

Madam and the Minister

Having been reminded by the Minister that she has not been to church since she was baptised, Madam concludes that she "ain't in no mood for sin today."

Madam and the Wrong Visitor

Death has come to visit but Madam is not ready for him yet.