London Fantasies



Betty Roe

Words by:

  1. Thames – a tempo – Jacqueline Froom
  2. Legato Leicester Square – Jacqueline Froom
  3. Pizzicato Piccadilly – Jacqueline Froom

Date of composition:



Thames Publishing (1992) TH978381


Medium voice, Double Bass


c. 5”

Vocal Range(s):

e’ to f#’’ (g’’)


Jazz, Humorous, Cabaret

Double Bass part edited by David Hayes.  The first line of Thames – a tempo is quoted from a poem by Edmund Spencer (1552 – 1599)

These songs are linked to the earlier Euphonium Dance in Jazz Songs for the same forces and with a similar subject.  Euphonium dance can be added as an encore for a performance of this set.

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