Madam Songs



Betty Roe

Words by:

  1. Madam's Calling Cards - Langston Hughes
  2. Madam and the Fortune Teller - Langston Hughes
  3. Madam and her Might-Have-Been- Langston Hughes

Date of composition:


Thames Publishing (1992) THA 978022


Soprano and Double Bass



Vocal Range(s):

 e flat' to g''


Cabaret, humorous

Double Bass part edited by David Heyes

The words are from Selected Poems by Langston Hughes (c) 1948 Alfred A Knopf Inc.

These were composed following the popularity of Madam and the Minister in Jazz Songs.  

Madam's Calling Cards

When asked if Madam want her cards printed in Old English or Roman, she insists that they should be printed in American.

Madam and the Fortune Teller

After hinting there is a man in Madam's future, the fortune teller wants an other dollar to read the other palm.

Madam and her Might-Have-Been

Madam met her potential third husband but when he said he was only looking for love, she expressed her doubts and he leaves because she has no trust.

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