Lunch at the Cooked Goose

Comic opera for four Sopranos and Piano

Music by Betty Roe

Libretto by Marian Lines

Written for Definitely Diva for a week long run at the Edinburgh Festival.

The Opera is about a group of women meeting up 25 years after graduating.  While they wait (the entire duration of the opera) for their meal they reminisce, catch up and back bite.

With its cast of four sopranos accompanied by a piano and duration of 50 minutes, it would be an ideal work for or the second half of double bill of a mostly female work such as Puccini's Suor Angelica,  a concert of arias or a student performance.


Crystal is organising the get together (Reunion) including champagne cocktails but doubts it will go well.  Each of the four friends arrives.  Gwyneth is late and sings that she can't help it.  The order their meals and recall a cigar puffing tutor from college and a disastrous quail's egg stew cooked by Heather.  Heather retires to the powder room and sings Failure.  When she returns they launch into an impromptu performance of Maggie's prize winning composition The Five Feasts in which each is set in the style of a different composer.

Crystal explains that she has set up as a high class party planner (The Finishing Touch) before Heather announces she is getting married again and Gwyneth hopes it will work out better than her marriages (In Cincinnati with Chuck).  Crystal notes that you have to be pragmatic and Maggie agrees singing Real Life.  Finally the meal is served and the four suggest collaborating on an opera: Lunch at the Cooked Goose.