Availability of Betty Roe's Musicals

The only Betty Roe musical which has a full set of (modern) performance materials is The BarnstormersThis was recently re-typeset and published by Novello with a CD of backing tracks etc.  The Janice Thompson Performance Trust did an excellent performance of The Barnstormers in 2012 and all the participants (with a fairly wide age range) seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. 

The Music Sales catalogue at musicroom.com indicates that vocal scores are available (they mostly come as authorised photocopies) for the following musicals;

Destination London (a "mini-musical")
Lee Street
The Sleepwalkers (or How to eat Chips in Space)
The Banky Field
Belinda and the Baron (based on Pope's The Rape of the Lock)
Pink Parakeet (for teenagers)
The Miracle Masque

With libretti available for;

Crowds (plus a chorus part)
Most Wanted Faces
Kookoojoo and the Magic Forest
Pardon our Rubbish

However, much of the performing material for all these works (full scores/instrumental parts etc) is still with the composer. 

Robish Music has produced a single volume of The King's Emerald incorporating both the music and libretto and is planning to genrate usable editions (based on the manuscript scores) of;

Mistress of Charlcote Park
The Trouble with Spells is...
Brunel: The Little Man in the Tall Hat

The Musical; The Magic Fishbone, based on a story by Dickens, is yet to receive a staged première (selections were performed in Southampton in June 2010).  This is quite a challenging piece and would be for 6th form/college students or an operatic society.  An interim edition (complete libretto but with three musical numbers yet to be composed) is available from Robish Music for anyone considering a performance.

Selections from all these shows are in the five volumes of Songs from the Betty Roe Shows (all available from Music Sales) and these would be a good starting point for anyone investigating beyond The Barnstormers.  The volumes also give an indication of the intended age range of the works for children.