20th Century American Vocal Music


20th Century American Vocal Music


Centaur Records Inc.

Catalogue No.:

CRC 2510

Date Recorded:

Recorded in 1997 in the studio of the University of California-San Diego


Mimmi Fulmer (Soprano)

Martin Amlin (Piano)

Bertram Turetzky (Contrabass)

Leone Buyse (Flute)




This disc contains recordings of Betty Roe's Jazz Songs; Euphonium Dance and Madam and the Minister.  The title of the disc is slightly misleading as Betty Roe and Jacqueline Froom are both English (Langston Hughes was, however,  American).

The disc also contains songs by William Flanagan, Maura Bosch, Fred Cohen, Martin Amlin, Igor Stravinsky, John Cage and Milton Babbit.