Portraits from Union Street


 Betty Roe

Words by:

 Charles Causley

Date of composition:



 1. Thames Publishing

 2. and 3. Unpublished


 Unison Voices and Piano with optional second and third parts for items 2. and 3.


 12' approx.

Vocal Range(s):

 d to g'


 Although written for children, this songs cover loss of innocence, social deprivation and Cornwall

Composed in 1966 for the 1967 Farnham Festival.

1. Nursery Rhyme of Innocence and ExperienceNursery Rhyme of Innocence and Experience (cover)

Tempo: Quasi Habanera - not to fast

I had a silver penny

And an apricot Tree

And I said to the sailor

On the white quay

'Sailor, O sailor,

Will you bring me

If I give you my penny

And my apricot tree...

Published as a single song and included in the Volume Nine Songs, this succinct summary of the loss of innocence has proved one of Betty Roe's most enduring songs and is regularly included in exam syllabuses. 

2. Timothy Winters

Tempo: In Blues Stlyle

Timothy Winters goes to school

With eyes as wide as a foorball pool...

3. Mevagissy

Tempo: Quasi Calypso

Peter jumped up in the pulpit

His hands all smelling of fish

His guernsey was gay with the sparky spray

And white as an angel's wish.