Composer: Betty Roe
Words by: William Shakespeare
Date of composition: 1974
Publisher: Thames Publishing
Forces: Medium Voice, Flute, Piano
Duration: 07:00
Vocal Range(s): D4 to E5
Genre: Art Song
  1. Sigh No more (from Much Ado about Nothing) - In a lilting 6/8.
  2. Come away, death (from Twelfth Night) - Marked "With Urgency".
  3. The Willow Song - Desdemona's song from Othello.  The setting uses an original 16th century tune for the piece.  The voice enters unaccompanied to be joined by the flute, then by the piano.
  4. Orpheus with his lute (from Henry VIII) - With a beautifully melodic flute part.

Video performance of the songs on YouTube;