Composer: Betty Roe
Words by: Marian Lines
Date of composition: 1982
Publisher: Thames Publishing
Forces: Voices and Piano
Duration: c. 60:00
Vocal Range(s):  
Genre: Musical


  • Kookoojoo (A one-and-only person)
  • Clones
  • Coppernobs (The ruling elite)
  • Timebridgers (Explain the action to the primitives of 1982)
  • Ancient Citizens
  • Thix
  • Fritz
  • Quitz (a group of questioning clones)
  • Myth-Children (Who create dreams for the Clones)
  • Ultra-sonic Hounds
  • St Major Lampost (The Ultra-sonic Hound Hypnotist)
  • Major Sgt Footscraper
  • Mythographers (Studying 2000AD with the help of Kookoojoo and the Trees)

 This enjoyable Sci-fi romp contains some wonderful songs and a message to retain your individuality.


Marian Lines' production notes explain that any kind of hall or stage can be used.  Lighting and electronic noises off are included but are not essential.  Brightly coloured pancake makeup can be used to match crepe paper costumes and wigs.

Although set in 3500AD a lot of echoes of the present day were included such as badges, military uniforms and period costume.

Some roles may be doubled, reduced or omitted if there are fewer children.

The musical numbers Sergeant Major Lampost's Song, Kookoojoo and the Trees and Trees' Song also appear in Songs from the Betty Roe Shows Volume 1.


The Time Bridgers (time traveling ethnologists) introduce Kookoojoo to the audience (of primitives!).  3500AD is populated by clones and they detest the idea of a "one-and-only person".  Ancient Citizens sing of their horror and disgust and how they abide by the Coppernobs Law enforced by Ultra-sonic Hounds.  Fritz and Thix have to switch off their brains to avoid detection.  When a Coppernob mentions "walkies" the hounds go mad and the Sgt Major Lampost (the hound hypnotist) has to be called in.  He sings about his work.  The Timebridgers freeze the clones and Kookoojoo and the Myth Children enter and decide following Kookoojoo is better than Dream Centre.

The action returns to the Quitz clones, who always ask questions.  The Coppernobs sing congratulating themselves on having created a perfect world.  The Myth Children go to a remnant of the pre-2000AD "Magic Forest" in which Kookoojoo planted one of each kind of tree. The Trees sing of the twilight time and are studied by the incredibly ancient Mythographers who are trying to piece together pre-2000AD culture.  The Myth Children, the Trees and Kookoojoo explain to the Mythographers that she is a one-and-only person.

At the Dream Centre, because there are no Myth Children to create dreams for the Clones, they are starting to have their own dreams, leading to them singing the Clones' Muddle Song.  The clones start to question the Coppernobs Law and head off to the Magic Forest to find Kookoojoo and the Myth Children.  The Mythographers sing a Forgotten Carol, which calms the Clones.  All sing of their newfound freedom and the piece ends with a cautionary warning that the Coppernobs must not be permitted to impose their "everyone-the-same" law.

Musical Items

  1. Kookoojoo Song
  2. Ancient Citizens' Song (1)
  3. Ancient Citizens' Song (2)
  4. Coppernobs' Law
  5. Ancient Citizens' Lullaby
  6. Fetch the Hound Hypnotist
  7. Sergeant Major Lampost's Song
  8. Freezing Song
  9. Song of the Scientists
  10. Trees' Song
  11. Kookoojoo and the Trees
  12. Clones' Muddle Song
  13. Coppernobs Law (reprise)
  14. Forgotten Carol
  15. Freedom Song